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Sales Associate

Hooks, TexasFull-time
About the Job
The Forest Store Hooks Sales / Online Product Management /.

Reports to: 
  • The Forest Store Hooks Manager.

The Forest Store Head Sales Hooks is to act as the primary salesperson at The Forest Store Hooks. This includes both brick and mortar sales, and online sales as well as adding all products to the online POS. 

  • Marketing, you’ll be responsible for posting to and answering all messages / comments from all social media sites related to The Forest Store. 

Does / Don’ts:
  • You must be able to be the grown up in the room, always.
  • You must be able to perform your work duties before all else.
  • You must be able to report wrongdoing to your supervisor.
  • Must be able to present yourself in a profession manner and attire at all times. 
  • Must be efficient and timely, on time every day.
  • Arrive at work, ready to work.
  • Must be able to analyze the sales and inventory process and improve it.
  • Must be able to set goals for the sales team based on inventory and marketing.
  • Must always wear Phillips Forest Products/The Forest Store Attire.
  • All personal phone calls must be limited to 10 minutes. 
  • All facilities used by you must be kept clean at all times.
  • Kitchen.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Office spac.

  • Report to The Forest Store Hooks Manager.
  • Let him/her know of any issues. 
  • Sales issues.
  • Inventory issues.
  • Shipping issues.
  • The sale, product placement/ inventory, shipping of products, marketing of all products INSIDE the store and follow up with customers after a sale. 

The sale, placement, inventory, and marketing of all products inside the store:

You should be the first person a customer interacts with, this includes customers:
  • Walking in the door
  • Calling on the phone/ left a message:
  • All messages must be returned the same day
  • Via email or social media:
  • All emails must be responded to the same day. 
  • You must reach out to customers a week after the sale is made to find out how they like their product. If their experience was good, you are required to email them a link to a google review. Emails will be monitored for this. 
  • Retrieve either a phone number or email from each sale.
Products: Quality-Quantity / Placement/ Inventory:

  • Notify The Forest Store Manager of any product quality issues.
  • This must be done before placing them online and in the Point of Sale. 
  • Cracks
  • Poorly finished products
  • etc
  • Placement
  • Make sure all products are online, on the point of sale, and correctly presented within 24 hours of arriving inside the store. After 24 hours, the manager will place them online and report this to the General Manager

  • A brief description
  • Size and species
  • Two images, with associated filename and alt text

  • Overall view
  • Tagged properly
  • Any variants added
  • All images uploaded must be named and have alt text. For example: all mantels should be named:
  • Primary: fireplace-mantel
  • Alt: wood-mantel

  • All products inside the store must be inventoried correctly 
  • Notify the manager of any lack of products, or abund

  • Make sure all social media is posted to daily, each social media post must include the following:
  • Makes sure all social media is posted to daily, each social media post must contain the following:
  • High Quality image
  • Link to product on the website
  • Brief description
  • Maximum number of appropriate hashtags

You are responsible for daily post on the following social media for The Forest Store:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Must be able to price all items in the store 

Shipping of products:
  • You must be able to price shipping, when in doubt, ask the manager. 
  • It’s your responsibility to collect payment on shipping, the manager is responsible for getting it shipped.
  • You must follow up with your customer after product is shipped
  • Inform The Forest Store manager immediately when payment has been collected, him/her will arrange packaging and shipping. 

Customer Relations:
  • Any issues with your sales will be dealt with by you initially, any issue can’t solve, send to the manager. 
  • Review all sales weekly and call the customers to how their products are doing, then, request a Google or Facebook review from them. 
  • Must maintain good working relationships with other employees.
  • Must maintain open conversation with the sales team, plant supervisor, production manager, and marketing.
  • Must be able to discipline those who work under you in a fair manner.
  • This include writing them up for violating company policies, you have the authority to do that. 
  • Must be able keep issues with employees private.
  • Must be able to keep payrate private.

Benefits and Compensation:
  • Matching 401k.
  • Health insurance.
  • Two weeks paid vacation per year (does not roll over).
Employer offers a comprehensive total rewards package, which includes competitive compensation with a pay-for-performance philosophy, benefits, and other programs designed to support their associates and meet their needs.

If you invest your time and talents in the company, The Historic Phillips Forest Products will invest in you.

Phillips Forest Products is a Texas historic business in operation for over sixty years.  We’re known for the highest quality architectural millwork in the United States. We’re growing and we’re looking for no nonsense, non-ego centric, team players to grow with us. This position is a long-term position with potential to develop into a higher supervisory role within a decade. 

We are looking for a hard-working individual with a good attention to detail and a strong desire to be in the wood working industry. Previous experience working with wood products and managing people is preferred. Qualified candidates must have the ability to read prints, work unsupervised and complete work in a timely fashion.
The Oldest Family Owned Sawmill in Texas

For over sixty years, Phillips Forest Products has supplied the architect, the interior designer, the contractor, the home owner, and the industrial sector with the highest quality architectural millwork and wood products. Located in North East Texas, between the White Oak forests along the Sulphur River and the great Pecan groves along the mighty Red River, just outside the quiet town of De Kalb, TX. We produce rough sawn wood beams, kiln dried lumber, T/G wood siding, kiln dried live edge wood slabs, engineered wood flooring, molding, butcher blocks, and more.