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Tooling Machinist/Knife Grinder

De Kalb, TexasFull-time
About the Job
The Historic Phillips Forest Products
13431 US-82, De Kalb, TX 75559, USA

Phillips Forest Products is a Texas historic business in operation for over sixty years. We’re known for the some of the highest quality architectural millwork in the United States. We’re growing and we’re looking for no nonsense, non-ego centric, team players to grow with us. This position is a long-term position with potential to develop into a higher supervisory role within a decade.
We are looking for hard-working individuals with a good attention to detail and a strong desire to be in the wood working industry. Previous experience working with wood products as a and managing people is preferred. Qualified candidates must have the ability to read prints, work unsupervised and complete work in a timely fashion.
If you invest your time and talents in the company, The Historic Phillips Forest Products will invest in you.

Job title: Tooling Department Machinist

Reports to: 
  • Molder Operator    
  • Production Manager
  • All those who work in the tooling room and the molder helper when they’re not helping the molder operator 
  • Anyone but the molder operator and production manager while in the tooling room. 
  • The tooling room is your responsibility, you are responsible for any Accidents such as Loss of production, People in the tool room who do not belong in the tool room.
Traits/Skills Required: 
  • Must be able to pay GREAT attention to detail
  • Familiarity with molding equipment preferred
  • Must be familiar with industrial equipment
  • Must know how to operate a scanner and computer equipment
  • Must be able to learn Autocad, Rhino or an equivalent program
  • Must be responsible and timely
  • Must be able to tell when a knife needs sharpening
  • Excellent physical condition and coordination
  • Works well with others and has a good attitude and eager to learn.
The primary job of the Molder Machinist/ Tooling Dept. is to oversee the creation of molding knives, have the correct knives ready to load for the next order, and oversee the tooling room.

  • Molding Knives
  • Templates
  • Building Responsibilities
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Keep knives sharp at all times
  • Clean knives and heads after each molder run
  • Breaks down cutter heads and prepares the head for the next order
  • Communicate with the molder operator concerning orders coming up
  • Knives must be waiting beside molder before the wood arrives
  • We’ll be switching to a digital system in the future, you’ll be required to learn that system. 
  • Templates, organization, and categorization
  • You are responsible for all incoming profiles.
  • You must create a digital file of that profile
  • You must export all data from that profile to our database spreadsheet, this includes:
  • Pattern classification and number
  • A JPG of that pattern and upload that separately to a website. 
  • The actual size of that pattern
  • The blank size of that pattern.
Any corresponding profiles:
  • IE, A casing and a Plinth block
  • The date of creation
  • The number of any other profiles from any other companies that match that profile
  • You must create a template of that profile 
  • This will done via laser or pin router
  • All profiles must match samples exactly
  • You must create the knife from that template
  • Take the plastic template, and grind the steel.
Building Responsibilities – The Tooling Room:
  • Make sure tooling room is clean and orderly at all times.
  • Make sure all knives and templates are in their designated spots.
  • You’re responsible for not allowing people to loiter in the tooling room.
  • Make sure all doors are locked at the end of the day.
  • Do not allow any tools to leave tooling room for any reason.
Maintenance Management:
  • You’re responsible for the grinder, laser, and any other machines in the tooling room. 
  • Oil and grease all necessary parts as needed
  • Check grinding discs for wear
  • Report any issues to your supervisor immediately.
Preferred Qualities:
  • Must maintain good working relationships with other employees.
  • Must be able to discipline those who work under you in a fair manner.
  • This include writing them up for violating company policies, you have the authority to do that.
  • Must be able to keep issues with employees private.
  • Must be able to keep pay rate private.
The Oldest Family Owned Sawmill in Texas

For over sixty years, Phillips Forest Products has supplied the architect, the interior designer, the contractor, the home owner, and the industrial sector with the highest quality architectural millwork and wood products. Located in North East Texas, between the White Oak forests along the Sulphur River and the great Pecan groves along the mighty Red River, just outside the quiet town of De Kalb, TX. We produce rough sawn wood beams, kiln dried lumber, T/G wood siding, kiln dried live edge wood slabs, engineered wood flooring, molding, butcher blocks, and more.