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Kiln-Dried Lumber Supervisor

De Kalb, TexasFull-time
About the Job
Job title: Kiln Dried Lumber Supervisor
Reports to: 
  • Yard Lieutenant 
  • Yard Manager
Subordinates: All those who work in kiln-dried lumber building. 
The primary job of the Kiln Dried Lumber Supervisor is to inventory kiln-dried lumber in the shed, pull kiln-dried lumber for orders and have them sent to production, and input all kiln-dried lumber into the building. 
Those who work on in the kiln-dried building pulling lumber and running the forklift
The Kiln Dried Lumber Supervisor takes direct orders from the yard manager and yard lieutenant and makes sure his/ her orders are executed in a timely fashion. 

You are not to discuss orders with anyone but the Yard Lieutenant and the Yard Manager.

  • Pulling kiln-dried lumber for orders and grader:
    • All orders must be pulled in a timely fashion.
    • If the wood is not there for the order, this must be brought to the attention of the yard manager immediately.
    • All orders pulled must be removed from inventory immediately.
    • All orders sent to production must be updated immediately in the production management software. 
  • Lumber being brought in:
    • All lumber must be checked for correct moisture.
    • All lumber must be inventoried immediately.
  • Forklift:
    • The forklift in the kiln-dried building is your responsibility.
    • Keep it clean, fueled, and in working order. 
    • If any issues come up with the fork, report them immediately to the Yard Manager.
  • Management of employees in the kiln-dried lumber building:
    • Report all employee issues immediately to the Yard Manager. 
    • Make sure all employees follow safety protocols.
    • All employees must remain busy at all times, we don’t pay for talk. 
    • If not pulling lumber, your workers can be cleaning, sweeping, and organizing inside and around outside of the building. 
  • Inventory and organization:
    • Inventory of all lumber must be kept up to date at all times.
    • We’ll be switching to a digital system, you’ll be required to learn that system.
    • The building must be kept in order according to the map supplied to you by management.
    • All lumber will be accounted for, have a designated space, and be kept in rows painted on the floor. 
    • All orders sent to production as so in our production management system. 
  • Working relationships and communication:
    • Must maintain good working relationships with other employees.
    • Must maintain open conversation with the Yard Manager and Yard Lieutenant.
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